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Welcome to Hambrvin LaPerms & Grand-Kittens (see latest news)

Hambrvin is a small home-run cattery based in Greater Manchester and are a devoted and loving home to 2 neuters, 1 female and 1 male.

I have sadly had to take a temporary break from breeding, due to circumstances beyond my control. Please watch this space for all Hambrvin news!

Image: LaPerm

 HAMBRVIN Geronimo "Squig"

My prefix HAMBRVIN is an anagram of the Shadows lead guitar player H B Marvin and reflects the other passion in my life; playing the Fender guitar. I am also a very keen amateur photographer using my cats as models when possible.

I became smitten with LaPerms in 2003 whilst searching for a low allergen cat breed following years of suffering (and after being positively blood tested).  The LaPerm's personality and dog-like behaviour, not to mention their beautiful curls and coats, instantly got me hooked.  They just keep on coming back for more, more and more cuddles.  They are very loving and faithfully follow you around the house, constantly wanting to be part of the action. 

My home is a LaPerm only household and any fellow allergy sufferers are more than welcome to visit for a trial introduction to the breed.  Further details can be found on the Biography page.

Image: Black & White Lilly

HAMBRVIN Les Frizzerables "Belle"

My cats are, essentially, indoor cats but have 24 hour access via a cat flap to their purpose built cat run from the house. This not only allows them access to the outdoors in safety but also gives them the opportunity to hunt and socialise with other cats (and us when in the garden). Most importantly (to me) it allows their body clocks and cycles to work more naturally due to daylight exposure and most importantly (to them) it's their race track, where many a game commences over a caught moth, spider or daddy-longlegs!