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About Hambrvin LaPerms - Hambrvin LaPerm :: Pedigree LaPerm Cat Breeder :: Oldham, Lancashire, UK

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About Hambrvin LaPerms

The LaPerm originates from one kitten, called Curly, who was a farm cat on a cherry orchard in the Dalles, Oregon in USA.   This part of North America used to be native to the Wishram tribe hence you will find many LaPerms have North American Indian themed names.  Given the breed's farm cat roots, LaPerm's are known to be a very hardy breed.   More detailed information about their genetic history can be found at The LaPerm Cat Club Official Site.  The LaPerm was first introduced to the UK in 2002 and is still therefore, a rare breed.


Image: Lilly Asleep
HAMBRVIN Geronimo "Squig"

We are now competing at GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) shows at championship level and LaPerms have been at champion level within TICA (The International Cat Association) for some time.

My cats attend GCCF shows in and around the North West and I am very keen to promote this new and exciting breed.   If you want details of any shows that we may be attending in the future, so you can come and meet them/me and learn more about the breed, please do not hesitate to contact me .

Image: Frieda with Rosettes