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Hambrvin Bio's

Quincunx Wishram

Image: Quincunx Wishram

A red ticked tabby and white long haired variant neuter was my first LaPerm and was the chap responsible for my becoming smitten with LaPerms. He was travel trained from a kitten and regularly (monthly) travelled with me from London to Manchester in his box sleeping blissfully on the back seat having to be woken up when we arrived!

He was re-homed in 2008 as a singleton yet is still a devoted traveller loving weekends away with his new Mum to Wales & still adores a game of fetch!

Nihyohi Misty Dawn (Daisy)

Image: Daisy by Krissi Lundgren

Daisy is a lilac tabby, who was my first female bred by Toni Blackwell in 2005. However, despite numerous attempts, babies never came. Instead she became assistant Midwife, a few years later, to her best friend - Frieda. She did very well on the show bench when the breed was at its intermediate stage, gaining many Merits & BOB's. Daisy is now living with a wonderful family in mid-Wales & thoroughly enjoying life with a Ragdoll, a terrier & a hamster! Her drools, tummy kneads & sandpaper kisses are missed - lots.

Olathe Stormy Skye (Frieda)

Image: Frieda by Bob Fox

Is a blue and white tortie tabby long haired LaPerm, who was bred by Louise Malone in Ayrshire. She arrived in September 2008 and was the life and soul of the house with her unique, playful, loving, mischievous and wonderful purrrrsonality. Following her second litter however, she had to be unexpectedly neutered and rehomed.

She is now living with a lovely family in Dunfermline & has a wonderful new soul mate (Barley) a Devon Rex & has discovered she likes pugs too! She is very much missed as are her chats & shoulder carries around the house but she is extremely happy back in her homeland.

Hambrvin Lil Mizmuffet (Lily)

Image: Lily

Is Frieda's daughter from her 1st litter born in June 2010 and my "bonus ball" as I was convinced there were only 3 kittens and Lil was the 4th!  She is a lilac darker points and an absolute star in every way possible.  She has picked up many of Mummy's traits including her You've Been Framed trick, playing fetch, does headstands to the point where she falls over & bedtime isn't bedtime without Lil beside your thigh.

Doesn't seem to mind the show bench in the least and loves strokes her in the pen, when she'll roll over and over and over until she becomes static off her blanket, which is quite a sight!  She and her litter brother (Squig) look amazing next door to each other at shows.