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Hambrvin Latest News - **NEW GRAND-KITTENS**

Many congratulations to Hambrvin Les Frizzerables (Belle) and Karen & Anne of on the safe arrival your first litter of LaPerms - 2 beautiful babies (one of each) born on 21.08.14. Please contact Karen/Anne via above link for further details.

Hambrvin Afro Dizzyac (Squiglet) became the proud father of 4 gorgeous kittens, in Australia, on 18.08.14 with the lovely Ryn. Pics available on kitten page at His second litter is due (with Zari) on 15.09.14.

Kittens Born

Olathe Stormy Skye (Frieda) has recently mated with Quincunx Umberto Ecurl (Bertie) - the kittens were born on 22 April 2013. There were 3 boys & 1 girl.


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For enquiries or further information please use the contact us page.

All my kittens are lovingly reared in the home with their Mother, fully socialised, litter trained and will have a minimum of 2 vet checks.  They do not go to their new homes until they are a minimum of 13 weeks of age and are all sold with:

  • GCCF registration
  • Full pedigree
  • Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Fully wormed & flea treated
  • Petplan kitten insurance for first 4 weeks

There is a list of other GCCF and LaPerm Cat Club approved LaPerm breeders where the Cat Club's kitten list holder’s details can also be found.

Frequently Asked Questions & Notes for New Owners


Am I really getting what I’m paying for?

BUYERS BEWARE of so called “pedigree” kittens bought for similar prices to mine (or cheaper) that are less then 13 weeks old, not vaccinated and not registered.

Any kitten sold as “pedigree” should be accompanied by paperwork, a written pedigree giving all parentage for several generations including colour and registration numbers. Pedigree kittens should also have registration documents to hand or in the pipeline.
If registration documents are not received within a reasonable time or are not available on enquiry to the breeder you should complain to Trading Standards and/or the appropriate registration body. You have paid for a pedigree kitten and should have that written proof - even if your kitten will only be your pet.
A vaccination given once at 8-10 weeks old does NOT mean fully vaccinated. The whole course must be given to be effective with the second when the kitten is at least 12 weeks old. A new owner will have to pay for this as well as the purchase price if not already done.
Such kittens may have been raised in less then ideal surroundings so may come bearing illnesses and parasites which any new caring purchaser has to treat at their own expense. Kitten insurance will not cover any previously treated but undeclared illness. Such new kittens can infect any other cats in their new home so they also may require veterinary treatment.

All the above applies even if the kitten looks healthy. A sickly, poor looking kitten should never be bought out of sympathy as this merely encourages kitten producers to carry on as before.
At 6, 7, 8, 9 weeks up until 12 weeks, kittens may also be too young to leave their mother and that may give rise to behavioural problems digestive problems and poor toilet habits.

To prevent any confusion or misunderstandings, I would be grateful if you would please take a moment to read through the following notes:

  • Kittens not sold for breeding WILL be neutered before they leave and will be registered as “not for breeding.”
  • All my kittens are GCCF registered and do not leave before the age of 13 weeks - usually 15wks after neutering.
  • I seldom sell kittens for breeding and only after prior discussion.  I am happy to discuss the possibility and offer advice.
  • I do not take deposits for unborn kittens or kittens under the age of 6 weeks.
  • All kittens are vaccinated for flu and eneritis (leukaemia on request).
  • As mentioned in The Gallery, indoor cats need company.  If a family are out at work all day I would recommend more than one cat; either two kittens or another companion cat (ie rescue kitten/cat).
  • I would normally expect a prospective owner to visit and meet the kittens when or after they are 6 weeks old (unless time or distance precludes this.)
  • If and when you choose/book a HAMBRVIN kitten(s), I request a deposit of £100 per kitten.  This is refundable if you change your mind up to 2 weeks prior to collection.  At later dates refund would be at my discretion.
  • No contact from prospective owner on and for up to 1 week after the kitten’s due collection date will result in the previously booked kitten being found another home.
  • My kittens are sold with 4 weeks Petplan insurance.  I would strongly recommend you consider pet insurance for your kitten/cat as vets bills for serious illness/trauma can be very expensive.